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Produk Palawija

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Jl. Fajar Baru Selatan no. 1 rt. 001/012 Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

Indonesia Product Characteristics Highly Variable And Have Your Own, Do Not Lose With Products From Other Countries. Until Current, Indonesia Still Doing Export Trade With Other Countries. This Proves That Indonesian Products Also Become Option For Other Countries.
Indonesia Has Been Exporting Its Products To Western Countries Like The United States, Europe, Australia And Asia, Both Raw Materials And Products The Most Famous Handicraft Products Abroad. Besides That, There's Plenty Of Indonesian Products Recognized Overseas, As, Furniture, Garments, Handicrafts, Natural Stone, Swallow's Nest, Paper Products, And Others. All Products Have International Quality And Natural Barium. We Are Ready And Offering Some Agricultural Commodities Products And Crafts In Between Other, Ie:
1. Fertilizers And Agricultural Products Such As, Ie:
A) Ant Nests (Ant Nest) B) Fruit Nutmeg (Nutmeg Fruit)
C) Green (Green Tea) D) Urea And Top 2 G
E) Parasite Original Tea (Original Parasite Tea)

2. Crafts, Like, Namely:
A) Saber
B) Kain Songket And Ulos
C) Clay Pots Dari (Pot Of Clay)
3. Graphic Design Services
4. Interrior Building Services Design And Project
5. The Management Of Tourism And Visa Services - Kitas, Rptka And Imta
6. Iso Management Consulting Services
7. Consulting Financial Systems And Auditing.
8. Provision Of Services Human Resources And Training
9. Legal Document Handling Services Or Licensing Company.
10. Axa Insurance Services, Prudential And Sun Life

We Also Expect Your Mutual Participation By Setting Aside A Portion Of What You Have For The Poor Especially The Young Generation. The Way Is Easy, Educational Funds Youths Transfer To Bca: 4890150000 And Make Sure You Do Not Contribute Love In Vain.
Call Us Immediately At: 081275930896 Or 081245838799 Or 081297900829 Or 085297492099 Or 021-5413991

You Can Also Check Out Our Website At: Www.Jasa-Konsultasi.Com Or Email : Product_Indonesia@Yahoo.Co.Id (For Mailing Letter).

Jl. Fajar Baru Selatan no. 1 rt. 001/012 Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia