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Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong
Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong
Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong
Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong
Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong
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Sell Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong

This company is free member. For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. The safest way in transaction are:

  • Verify the address firstly
  • Do not send money before receive the order
  • Send money only to the bank account of company (CV or PT)
  • Avoid to send money to private bank account

Specification of Civet Coffee Arabica Lintong

Another Type Of Coffee Is A Derivative Or Subvarietas Of Coffee Arabica And Robusta . Usually Every Coffee-Producing Regions Have Uniqueness Of Each And Make It As A Subvarietas . One Other Well-Known Types Of Coffee Civet Coffee Is Native To Indonesia .
Civet Coffee Is Coffee With The Highest Sales Price In The World . Formation Process And The Taste Is Very Unique The Main Reason For The High Price Of This Type Of Coffee . Basically , This Coffee Is Arabica Coffee Species . The Coffee Beans Are Then Eaten By A Mongoose Or Ferret . However , Not All Parts Of The Coffee Beans Can Be Digested By The Animal . The Inside Of The Seeds Will Then Come Out With Feces . Because It Has Been Long In The Digestive Tract Mongoose , The Coffee Beans Have Undergone A Short Fermentation By Natural Bacteria In The Stomach That Provide Additional Unique Taste .
Coffee : Arabica Lintong Grade - 1 And 2 And Civet Lintong . All The Coffee Was Packaged Well To Fulfill Bookings From Domestic And Abroad.

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