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  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching
  • Jasa Rekruitmen Dan Outsorching

Services Description Recruitment Services And Outsorching

Consultancy Services

Manpower Recruitment
Recruitment Is The Process Of Searching For, Finding And Attracting Applicants To Be Employed In An Organization . The Point Is To Get As Much Supply Prospective Applicants That The Organization Will Have Greater Opportunities To Make Choices For The Prospective Worker Is Considered To Meet The Qualification Standards Organization.
Obstacles In Recruitment
A. Organizational Factors
- Promotion Of Wisdom Within
- Wisdom About Rewards
- Wisdom About Employment Status
- Human Resources Plan
B . Habits Seeking Employment
Habits Are Certainly An Obstacle In Recruitment Is The Same Tendency To Make Mistakes, Especially When Mistakes Have Been Made ​​No Strong Negative Impact For The Organization As Hired Labor For Example Is Able To Work In Accordance With The Demands Of His Job .

Professional Employment Seekers Company
One Private Company Engaged In Search And Placement Is A Company That Specializes In Professional Employment Search . Unlike The Professional Placement Agency Labor Has Been Discussed Above, A Professional Headhunter Firm Specializing In The Particular Labor , Such Labor Executives Or Other Professionals Who Have Knowledge Or Special Power . The Real Difference Between The Two Types Of The Company Is Its Approach In The Search For New Workers To Be Hired . The Company Is The First Employment Typically Rely On Advertising As A Recruitment Tool , While The Latter Are Actively Seeking Employment Needs Among Workers Who Have Worked In Other Organizations .

Jasa Konsultasi (Consultancy Services)
Recruitment And Placement Services Company Employment In The Art That Has Been 3 Years And Has Helped Many Job Seekers Who Have Been Placed Throughout Indonesia And Has Been Recognized By The National And Multi National Company Located In Indonesia And In Various Fields Of Business.
In Jasa Konsultasi Recruitment Services We Provide To Clients To Get The Suitable Candidates For Employment With A Quality That Is Required By The Client, While Outsourcing Jasa Konsultasi Is Where To Put The Workers In The Company Where The Client Jasa Konsultasi Employees Manage All Resources Until The Start Of The Administration Of The Legal Status And Payroll Employees Who Had Placed It.
Efficient And Targeted
Now You Do Not Need To Bother Advertised And Selecting Hundreds Of Applicants, If To Gain Employment Skills. We Cut Paths Wasting Your Time To Get More Qualified Employees And Professional In Their Field.
Economical And Provides Many Options
Head Hunter Is Conventional Only Provide An Alternative For You, All Recruitment Costs Borne By The Company! We Look Different Where Www.Jasa-Konsultasi.Com Job Net Provide Another Alternative In Accordance With The Conditions Of Your Company.

Technical Data
The Cost Of Recruitment Is Equal To 1 Month's Salary (Take Home Pay)

First Choice
O The Cost Of Recruiting Entirely Paid By The Company No Later Than 1 Week After The Worker Was Hired .
Option Two
O The Cost Of Hiring The Worker Entirely With Cash Or Installment Payment System Maximum Of 2 (Two) Months The Payment Is Guaranteed And Supervised By The Company .
O The Cost Of Hiring Labor Shall Be Borne By The System Of Payment In Advance Paid By The Company Then The Company's Workforce Installments .

Payment Mechanism
Performed In Conjunction With The Issuance Of The Invoice Date Of The Placement Of Employees. The Company Pays The Bill A Maximum Of 7 (Seven) Days After The Date Of Issuance Of The Invoice .


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